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At BETZZI AB, we are revolutionising the casino industry with our cutting-edge solutions that transform casino operations. Our comprehensive platform ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements.

With integrated reputable payment systems, self-exclusion register integrations, and a complete e-commerce system featuring marketing automation and dashboards, we offer the only all-in-one solution that meets government standards.

Our sophisticated solutions can be extended to meet European authorities' requirements in combating financial fraud and terrorism financing within the casino-industries. Our mission is to help clients comply with stringent regulations, actively preventing and detecting such activities.

Working closely with our clients, we tailor our solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring robust systems to maintain high compliance levels and protect businesses from potential threats. At BETZZI AB, we're dedicated to delivering excellence in the face of evolving challenges.


BETZZI AB - Your casino industry revolution starts here! Our cutting-edge all-in-one platform guarantees compliance, seamless operations, and a transformative casino experience. Shape the future of casinos with us as we secure resilience, accelerate transformation, and create value through innovative technology solutions.

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